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Wed, Nov 4  |  NAMMA SME Series 2

Cash Up: Financing your BIG ideas?

We understand the frustration.... you have a brilliant idea that you know is set to make you a winner, but you just don't have the funds to materialise it. Join us to learn the tricks of securing funding for your businesses, be it from banks to grants and everything in between, and with a special outlook on what the National Budget 2021 would have in store for the thriving Indian SME community.

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  • Do you have Coronaphobia? Understanding why obsessing is very bad for you
    Tue, Aug 10
    Health Matters @AstroAWANI LINC
    Coronaphobia is a new disorder emerging from the pandemic. It may not be a common term used in Malaysia but we are all familiar with conversations about anxiety and mental health disorder happening around us daily. How to overcome it? Join us and discuss. Register NOW!